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member reviews

Below are reviews from our members. Please take time to read them so you can get a better idea of the many benefits that Both Teams to Score Tips offers those who join.

Davide Shonut


These are the best BTTS tips that I have found anywhere – and I’ve been betting on soccer for over 10 years now.

Illona Nieminem


I love the quality of these tips along with the convenience of the email delivery. This is by far my favorite tips site.

Matteu Moller

United States

Josh is an excellent tipster. His tips are always reliable. On my last bet I won over 3,500 EUR! I can’t wait to see what the future holds – keep up the good work.

Benito Rodriquez


I’m too busy to do all the research that is necessary to be a winning bettor these days – so I let Josh Farmer, the tipster at www.bothteamstoscoretips.org, handle all of that. Josh does a terrific job and has helped me win thousand of EURO over the past few months.

Pietro Rognar


Awesome tips! I very happy with quality of tips and quality of service. Couldn’t ask for anything more. I will definitely renew membership.

Adorjan Paulsen


Betting on soccer matches is fun again thanks to BothTeamstoScoreTips. I was on a pretty serious losing streak but then I found this site and it has made all the difference. My winnings are now higher than I thought possible just a couple of months ago.

Xander Claes


I was desperate to find winning tips and I’m so lucky that I found BothTeamstoScoreTips.org. The tips here are the best I’ve found. I’m winning over 80% of my bets and have amassed quite the bank roll.

Hans Wagner


I won 5,600 EUR on my last bet. I’ve never won so much and I owe it all to www.bothteamstoscoretips.org. I can’t wait to place my next bet thanks to your tips.

Abella Mayer


My husband can’t believe my win rate! But he doesn’t know my secret – BOTHTEAMSTOSCORETIPS. Your tips are the best.

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